Clover Roll & Press

The Roll & Press is a quick and efficient way to make creases or to open and fold seam allowances. For laminates and other fabrics that cannot be ironed. For foundation piecing (paper piecing) and machine piecing. For making a crease before ironing. The roller glides smoothly and doesn’t pull or distort the fabric. Just a little downward force is all that is needed for significant pressing action.

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Clover Rotary Cutter

Perfect cutter for patchwork requiring accuracy. Rotary cutters are the ultimate in simplicity and functionality. Fits into your hand perfectly and allows for accurate and speedy cuts. Can be used by both right and left hand by simply turning the safety cover around. Cuts beautifully regardless of how you hold it, whether held upright or at an angle as the cover opens at a tilt, due to the wide cutting range with just the right amount of blade exposed.

Clover Seam Marker Set

This set of seam markers allows you to neatly draw seam lines along the edges of a pattern/template. These Seam Markers allow you to draw parallel seam allowances even with a curved pattern or template. Suitable for transferring patterns and templates on appliqué …and Hawaiian quilts.

Clover Seams Right with Nancy Zieman

Multipurpose tool: For sewing quilting, knitting, crochet and embroidery. Used for measuring and checking. For fabric and yarns. A handy tool for marking and checking seam allowances. Includes a slot for making buttonholes and is ideal for ironing creases and perfect for pocket corners

Clover Self Threading Needles

Simply place the thread at the top of notch of the needle and then by pulling it down; the thread will go through the eye of the needle. 5 needles per package.

Clover Sewing Gauge

This gauge will allow you to quickly mark seam allowances. Applicable to most seam allowances with a gauge set from 1 to 5cm in 5mm increments. The gauge is made of metal, so it can be used to make creases using an iron or as a template for creating sharp corners for pockets, etc.

Clover Slash Cutter

Make beautiful slash quilts quickly! Comes with two interchangeable guides; for straight slash cutting and curved slash cutting. Designed with comfort and safety features.

Clover Sliding Gauge 5-in-1 with Nancy Zieman

A multifunctional sliding gauge for easy marking! Can be set at 1/8″ (3.2cm) increments. The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge is a go-to sewing notion. Whether quilting or sewing, it is a versatile and accurate tool to measure, mark and create. Its Five Uses are, Spacing and Marking Buttonholes, Seam Allowance Gauge, Hem Gauge, Circle T-Compass and “T” Gauge

Clover Sliding Gauge 5-in-1 with Nancy Zieman – Supersize

The Supersize 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge is ideal for sewing and quilting. A multifunctional 11 in. (279.4 mm) sliding gauge for easy marking. Can be set at 1/8″ (3.2cm) increments. Its Five Uses are, Spacing and Marking Buttonholes, Seam Allowance Gauge, Hem Gauge, Circle T-Compass and “T” Gauge

Clover Sliding Stitch Guide Foot

Ideal for parallel-line stitching. Attach with the low shank. Suitable for low shank sewing machine. (Presser foot may require an adaptor made specifically for your sewing machine’s model. Not compatible with all machines.) Not suitable for high or slant shank sewing machines.