Klasse Pro Applique Duckbill

Duckbill Applique scissors. Made of solid stainless steel this traditional styled scissor is easy to clean. Convenient mid sized scissor. Perfect for a wide variety of crafts and other uses.

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Knitpro Chart Keeper Passion

An indispensable tool for chart-knitters, our chart-keepers make knitting from charts super convenient. With magnets to hold the chart in place and a magnet-strip to keep track of where you are knitting, this must-have tool makes even complicated patterns easier to follow and more enjoyable. The smaller size keeps the pattern close and easy to see. The snap closure and inside pocket keep the contents neat, while a powerful magnet keeps the chart or patterns secure. Lay it flat or fold it to stand upright. The larger version of our chart keeper has the exact same features as the smaller version but on a grander scale. Lay it flat or fold it to stand upright.

Knitpro Stitch Ring Markers

Use stitch markers to easily mark pattern repeats, increases and decreases, or other stitches in your knitting. Pack of 50 stitch ring markers (10 large (16.5mm), 20 medium (10.0mm) and 20 small (6.0mm)) supplied in a cardboard pouch. (Previously KHA10801)

Rit Tie-Dye Accessory Kit

Struggling to find the supplies you need to tie-dye?

Look no further than our tie-dye accessory kit, which includes 3 perfectly-sized squeeze bottles, 20 rubber bands, two pairs of protective gloves and a microwaveable tray to speed up the dyeing process.

Pair this kit with your favourite Rit All-Purpose Dyes to create a world of colour bound only by your imagination.