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Acrylic Herringbone Tape

We have a new collection of Acrylic Herringbone Tape available in an array of 66 colour options.  This soft acrylic herringbone tape is strong and durable and suitable for a multitude of applications.

Crasy Trio DPN

The knitting revolution in small rounds! With this 3-piece set of flexible double-pointed knitting needles, you can knit even the smallest diameters without getting tired. The stitches are distributed over two needles and are then knitted with the third.

Purely Wool Yarn

Purely Wool from Broadway is a 100% wool superwash, an excellent choice for all your DK projects and it’s machine washable. Purely wool is beautifully warm and soft, and the colour range has been specifically chosen to reflect the colours most desired by NZ knitters.