Clover Hera Marker

This ideal marker marks and makes creases simultaneously which can be seen on both the front and back of the fabric without leaving any residue.

Clover Hot Hemmer

Fold, measure, press hems and more in one step. This ruler can simplify three-folding, hemming and cloth wrapping.

Clover Hot Hemmer – Long

Fold, measure, press hems and more in one step. This long version of the Clover Hot Hemmer can simplify three-folding, hemming and cloth wrapping. Measure, mark, fold, press: deep hems, long hems.

Clover Hot Iron Transfer Pencil

Draw designs with the Iron-On Transfer Pencil, and transfer it onto the fabric with an iron. The traced design can be transferred to fabrics, papers and woodblocks. For transferring the appliqué and doll designs. Easy transfer with an iron.

Clover Locking Stitch Markers

Locking stitch markers lock onto knitted stitches for worry-free knitting. Use them to mark increases or decreases in your pattern, also useful when marking a mistake. 20 pcs/package

Clover Loop Pressing Bars

Create 3D applique and Celtic quilting designs with your favorite fabrics. Package includes 5 sizes: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. Provides quick and easy steps for presing loops with an iron.

Clover Loop Turner

For turning loops inside out. The loop can be used to insert cording by tying it to the hole.

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Clover Marker Air Erasable

Markings naturally dissappear in 2-7 days. (The time it takes for markings to disappear completely differs depending on the humidity, the temperature and the amount of ink on the fabric.)

Clover Marking Pen

A white marker perfect for marking black and dark-coloured fabrics. Markings disappear when washed or ironed. The white ink stands out on black and dark-coloured fabric.

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Clover Needle Felting Mat

The brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers of the appliqué to become well meshed with the basic fabric.

Clover Needle Felting Tool

No thread or glue needed! Clover’s Needle Felting Tool has five barbed needles that catches the wool roving fibers and pushes them into the bottom of the fabric. The wool roving fibers stay permanently without using glue or sewing it. The tool comes with a clear lock cover for safety and storage.