Display Stand – Klasse Machine Needles 48 x 5ea

These new compact packs are now available on a POS stand which enables retailers to stock a wider range of needles (48 variants). With each point style now easily identifiable with the introduction of coloured shanks as a new feature across the Klassé needle range.

Klasse Black Label Micro Embroidery Scissors

Mini Embroidery Scissors. Compact size for controlled and precise cutting of detailed work. For all sewing and embroidery applications. Made of high quality stainless steel.

Klasse Black Label Thread Cutter Pendant

Pendant thread Cutter. Slotted grooves contain a sharp blade for a safe cut. Notches are smallenoughto prevent anyone fromcuttign themselves. Safe to wear as a pendant around your neck.

Klasse Enthusiast Dressmaking Scissor, Rainbow Finish

High Quality Dressmaking Scissors with stainless steel Rainbow finished blades. Adjustable cuttign tension. Razor sharp “knife edge” design which cuts up to 6 layers of fabric. Increased handle size for comfort and grip. Resharpenable.

Klasse Enthusiast Embroidery Scissors 5.25″

Titanium coated Embroidery scisors. Fully moulded soft grip inlays for maximum comfort. Razor sharp “knife edge” design with single grind blades. Adjustable tension for smooth cutting.

Klasse Enthusiast Household Scissors 6.5″

Multi Use Scissor. Larger sized handles and soft grip for extra comfort. Ultra sharp, double ground stainless steel blades. Great size for general crafting and hobby applications.

Klasse Enthusiast Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears. Larger sized soft grip handles for comfort and grip. Superior cutting power. Ball bearing joint for a smoother cutting action.