A Celebration of 40 Years…

Trendy Trims is a family business that has stood the test of time, 40 years on our story is one of continuing growth and development. As the market has changed so has our product focus but our commitment to customers and service has remained a key driver to our success. This story begins in 1977, the owners/directors Colin and Anne Lowe started this business from scratch in their garage and have grown it into the prosperous business it is today with 14 staff and 3 agents nationwide.

Best Press Sprays… Making Ironing Easier

Mary Ellen’s Best Press is a clear, crisp spray starch with a lovely scent that actually makes ironing more enjoyable. It is formulated for all fabrics to restore body to laundered fabrics while also making cutting easier.
Create flatter seams and improve feeding when machine sewing as well as help your quilt glide over the machine bed easily. With Best Press spray starch there is no flaking, clogging, or white residue even on dark fabrics.