Seam Fix – Seam Ripper

SKU: HA7215

Unit of measure: Each

Minimum quantity: 5

This tool is as useful as a pair of scissors. The Seam Fix quickly cuts threads with a rubber tip on the end that grabs and removes threads.

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There is nothing more annoying when bad things happen to a good seam! But it’s going to happen, so having the right tool to work with is important.

Ripping a seam is the easy part, and there are all kinds of seam rippers available to take a seam apart. But what about all of those little threads that are left?  Instead of taking the time to pluck out all of those little bits of thread, use the Seam-Fix to simply erase the bits of thread right off your project.

The specially-designed rubbery tips at each end grab and remove excess threads without marking or sticking to the fabric.