Addiclick Interchangeable Needles

The addiClick system of interchangeable knitting needles is unique. Instead of screwing the cable into the interchangeable shank or tip, the addiClick system uses a simple push and twist, or “click” method of connecting the cable and needle.

Think of it like a traditional bayonet light bulb fitting – only easier! Simply snap together and start knitting, with no danger of coming unscrewed while you knit.

addiClick needles are nickel-plated, and silky smooth.  With this premium set you can combine the tips from various addi needle pairs with different addi cord lengths in a flash – make something new every time.

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10.00mm, 12.00mm, 15.00mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm