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Acrylic Herringbone Tape

We have a new collection of Acrylic Herringbone Tape available in an array of 66 colour options.  This soft acrylic herringbone tape is strong and durable and suitable for a multitude of applications.

Please note that the 25mm size is only available in certain colours

Cotton Herringbone Tape

This Cotton Herringbone Tape is made with mercerized extra-fine cotton threads, featuring a herringbone weaving pattern, an elegant luster, and a sharp finish. It can be used on clothing, accessories, and it’s great for wrapping as well. Available in 87 colours and 7 sizes.

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Tricot Stabilizing Tape

The Nylon Tricot Stabilising Tape is used to cover seams. The tape is very soft against the skin and will protect from any rough edges or seams. Use the Stabiliser Tape to add a professional finish.