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Dressing Gown Cords

Quality braided dressing gown cord with tassled ends. Ideal for curtain ties and other home textiles.

Mixed Fibre Cord (FC) – 4mm

This beautiful 4mm wide cord is ideal for making bracelets or using as a tie for garments and bags. Available in a range of colours.

Piping Cord – Boxed

Our 100% polyester cord is easy to work with and certainly a little easier to join. Available in a range of sizes. Ideal for craft and sewing projects.

As an approximate guide size 0 is 1mm, size 1 is 2mm, size 2 is 3mm, size 3 is 4mm, size 4 is 5mm, size 5 is 6mm and size 6 is 7mm.

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Polyester Lame Cord

This metallic lame cord is sure to add that extra sheen to your projects.

Available in a comprehensive colour range this braided cord gives you the quality and finish you deserve.