Denim 100m Display Box

Denim fabric is not just for jeans. Denim bags, backpacks and pillow cases also make great accessories. This professional Gutermann Jeans thread is 100% polyester and the robust thread structure is designed for Denim fabrics. Denim 100m thread lets you create robust stitching, decorative seams and trendy effects easily and professionally.

Neon Thread Pack

This neon thread pack to add some zing to your projects! Each pack contains seven 100m reels of vibrant Sew All Neon Thread in six luminous colours as well as a bonus white reel.

Sew All Thread Pack w/bonus Pocket Maker

Gutermann have introduced a Sew All Thread pack containing a pocket maker with sign and ironing pattern. This pattern allows you to trace curves and various sizes simply and easily. Curves on pockets and collars turn out easily and uniformly.

Sew All Thread Pack w/bonus Tape Measure

This set contains a tailors measuring tape with decimetre divisions marked in colour to make it easy to measure accurately. Combined with 10 strong Sew All colours this is an ideal gift for any dedicated sewing enthusiast.