On our 40th anniversary we launched “Broadway Yarns” which features several high quality Italian ranges from soft yarns like Baby Supremo in 100% Superfine Merino and Mohair to double knit and Merino Alpaca mixes.

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Basics DK – Broadway Yarns

We are launching a new Broadway branded Basics range. This high quality 100% acrylic yarn is imported from the same Italian factory as our other Broadway Yarns, Baby Supremo, Merino DK etc.

With a comprehensive colour range, this yarn offers something for every project.  Yarn available mid May.

Please note we will be phasing out the DY Choice Basics yarn as we are no longer able to source this yarn.

Fantasy Merino DK – Broadway Yarns

The Broadway Merino DK Fantasy produces a stunning effect in 10 colourways.  This unique technique produces an artistic design.

Some swatches show the turquoise thread please ensure you remove this turquoise thread at the start and the end of every ball.

Merino/Alpaca Yarn

This soft and cosy yarn, is a blend of 60% superfine merimo, 40% alpaca. This yarn has a cosy feel, making it ideal for autumn/winter projects such as snuggly scarves, cardigans and sweaters.

Mohair – Broadway Yarns

The soft halo effect that mohair yarn creates can add instant softness and elegance to any knitting project. Mohair is a luxury fibre that has had a renaissance in recent years. Its ultra soft, floaty character makes it wonderful for warm premium garments & snuggly contemporary homewares. Mohair’s soft texture allows it to drape beautifully. This Broadway yarn is a beautiful combination of 70% Mohair and 30% Acrylic.

Purely Wool Yarn – Broadway Yarns

Purely Wool from Broadway is a 100% wool superwash, an excellent choice for all your DK projects and it’s machine washable. Purely wool is beautifully warm and soft, and the colour range has been specifically chosen to reflect the colours most desired by NZ knitters.