Addi-Swing Crochet Hooks

addi-Swings are ergonomically shaped crochet hooks that relieve the hand and shoulder while crocheting. The handle was reinforced – the needle is therefore also suitable for those who crochet tighter. Well-designed and perfectly made for you in Germany.

KnitPro Basix Birch Crochet Hooks

Basix Birch Crochet Hooks from Knit Pro are handcrafted using Natural Birch Wood, lightweight and strong with a polished surface for smooth crocheting, warm to the touch and easy on the hand,

Knitpro Zing Crochet Hook Single Ended

Due to customer demand and the continuing popularity of the Zing range, KnitPro are launching Zing Crochet Hooks. The Zing single ended crochet hooks include all the features of Zing, they are light, warm up quickly during use and are very easy to crochet with. The bright vibrant colours are an added bonus, and the beautiful silver tips provide a perfect finish every time.