Addi Addilove Stitch Markers

addi has worked meticulously with lots of love. Our new, original addi heart makes knitting easier for you. The little red hearts clearly mark your pattern in the knitting piece.

Addi Bear Needle Huggers

Practical and adorable stitch holders with bear shapes hold circular, double-pointed, and jacket knitting needles sized 2-8 mm together and ensure that your knit piece doesn’t slip.

Addi Cable Stitch Pins

2 Aluminium braid pattern helper needles – so that every braid pattern looks great in the future. The jag in the needle holds the stitches that can be lifted and secured there until they are knitted for the braid pattern.

Addi Click Heartstopper

The HeartStopper was developed for the addiClick system. Now you can do Tunisian crocheting no problem with crochet hooks. Or, you can “park” a knit piece on an addi cord.

Addi Digital Row Counter

This handy row counter makes it easier for you to count all those rows. Simply slip it onto your finger, start knitting, and click for each row – the electronic display reliably shows you the number of finished rows for even more fun with beautiful patterns.

Addi Stitch Fix – Cord Stopper

Outstanding customer feedback led us to develop this practical stitch holder. When clicked onto the addi cord, it prevents the knitted piece from sliding down on the circular knitting needle.

Addi Stitch Holder

2 stitch holders to hold stitches for short rows, collars. This keeps all the stitches where they belong.


Knitting is super easy and comfortable with the addiExpress. Quickly knit flat or round – just turn the handle!

AddiExpress Hook

The addiExpress Hook is a super accessory for all cranking fans. It’s especially well suited for working with the addiExpress machines or for use with complex knitting and crocheting techniques.

AddiExpress Stopper

With the addiStopper you can individually set the width of your knit pieces for flat knitting.

Additogo Red

The addiToGo hearts ensure the stitches stay where they are meant to: on the needles. Ideal, to secure stitches on circular knitting needles – of course it also works with single pointed and double pointed needles or as a stitch stopper on the cord. Includes: addiToGo in two sizes for 1.5 – 5.0 mm (US 000 – 8) and 5.5 – 10 mm (US 9 – 15).