24W Floor Lamp

Illuminate large workspaces with the powerful and versatile 24w Floor Lamp. Perfect next to your worktable, chair or sewing machine, this lamp features a wide shade, sturdy yet lightweight base, and an adjustable flex neck to position the wide area illumination where you need it.

LED Multi-Level Light Floor Lamp

This Triumph multi level craft lamp is the ideal addition to any sewing room. With touch sensitive controls to switch between light levels, dimmable and a flexible gooseneck to ensure the light is always directed in the right place.

Rimless LED Floor/Desk Lamp

The contemporary styling of the Triumph LED Rechargeable Lamp adds a wow factor to your sewing area. Its solid, sturdy base resists tipping over and the brilliant daylight lamp is goosenecked so that you can get the perfect angle to illuminate your projects perfectly every time. Best of all, this amazing floor and desk lamp can be taken to classes and retreats as this lamp offers 3 hour charge.Perfect for outdoor use. Featuring 24 brilliantly LEDs that have three light intensity settings controlled by a touch sensitive on and off button, there will the perfect light for every situation.

Triumph LED Dimmable Floor Lamp

New from Triumph, this dimmable LED Floor Lamp has multiple brightness and colour settings to easily adapt to YOUR workspace.  With the remote control, you can comfortably change your lighting depending on the time of day, task at hand, or settle in with some gentle mood lighting.

The option to change from warm light to cool will help reduce eye strain for those night owls, and help see correct colours when working in an artificially lit room.  With 5 colour brightness levels and 25 colour selections this floor lamp is an ideal addition to any sewing room.