Machine Needles Ball Point- Hangsell

Ball Point Machine Needles. Ball point needles are specifically designed for knit fabrics, jerseys and interlocks. The rounded tip separates the fibres to prevent laddering or running.

Machine Needles Jeans – Hangsell

Jeans Machine Needles. Ideally suited for denim fabrics, heavy twill, work wear and densely woven fabrics such as canvas and heavy linens. With a very sharp point and a stiffer shank to resist needle deflection, jeans needles sew a straight stitch on thicker fabrics..

Machine Needles Leather – Hangsell

Leather needles have a triangular point, which enables them to pierce and pass through tough materials such as leather, suede and vinyl without tearing. They are used in all types of leather work including shoe making and shoe repairs, belts and leather garments.