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Cushion Inners

With this range of cushion inners, there are an array of cushion options available. Simply choose your fabric and you can create your new cushions in no time.

Cushions are one of the easiest ways to change the feeling of a room, and if you have some fabric and a sewing machine, they are a super fast afternoon project.

These cushion inners include a polyester fibre, with a polypropylene cover. As an added benefit they include a zip for adding or removing stuffing if required.

PF001 - 35 x 35cm -170grm
PF002 - 40 x 40cm -210grm
PF003 - 45 x 45cm -280grm
PF004 - 50 x 50cm -380grm
PF005 - 55 x 55cm -480grm

Cushion Inners

Quilting & Patchwork - Batting & Cushion Inners 

Code: PF001_5

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More Quilting & Patchwork - Batting & Cushion Inners 

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100% Polyester with Scrim Batting

100% Bamboo Fibre Batting

100% Cotton Double Sided Fusible Batting

50/50 Bamboo-Cotton mix Batting

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100% Wool Batting

80/20 Cotton-Polyester Mix Batting

Sew Easy 100% Cotton Double Fuze Batting

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Pre-cut Batting 100% Natural Cotton

Sew Easy Sew Easy Cosy Cotton Batting 100% Natural Cotton 8oz - no scrim

Sew Easy Sew Easy Batting Cotton/Polyester 80:20 6oz - no scrim



Low Loft Polyester Batting 102gsm

Low Loft Polyester Batting 140gsm

Low Loft Polyester Batting 70gsm
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