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Zing Double Point Needles

Knitpro Zing light metal needles are increasing in popularity. Unlike traditional metal needles, these needles are light, warm up quickly during use and are very easy to knit with. The bright vibrant colours are an added bonus, and the beautiful silver tips provide a perfect finish every time.

KHNZ47001 - 2.00mm
KHNZ47002 - 2.25mm
KHNZ47003 - 2.50mm
KHNZ47004 - 2.75mm
KHNZ47005- 3.00mm
KHNZ47006 - 3.25mm
KHNZ47007 3.50mm
KHNZ47008 - 3.75mm
KHNZ47009 - 4.00mm
KHNZ47010 - 4.50mm
KHNZ47011 - 5.00mm
KHNZ47012 - 5.50mm
KHNZ47013 - 6.00mm
KHNZ47014 - 6.50mm
KHNZ47015 - 7.00mm
KHNZ47016 - 8.00mm

Zing Double Point Needles

Knitting & Crochet - Needles - Double Point - 15cm

Code: KHNZ_15

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