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Check out our latest product releases:

New Gutermann Sew All Display Packs 

For style & quality look no further than Gutermann Sew All thread, 100% premium polyester thread.  

This stylish Gutermann storage and display box includes 72 reels of black and white Sew-All thread (100m).   

The storage box is great as a counter display, and can then be used for any storage requirement.
This handy Gutermann sewing kit includes 8 reels of Sew-All thread (100m) in basic shades and 10x fabric clips.   

The fabric clips are ideal for securing multiple layers of fabric as they are easy to handle and best of all do not leave holes in the material.


Parlan Light Weight Fusible Batting

Parlan is a thin, soft, felt-like iron-on batting.  It offers stability and irons with ease without puckering.  It is soft enough to work with and adheres well.

Parlan can be used as a replacement for Pellon in bags or behind stitcheries to stop shadowing or distortions.  It is also suitable for wall hangings and piece work.

• 50% Polyester - 50% Viscose
• Machine washable
• 100cm wide
• Smaller 25m roll size

To use simply place the Parlan with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Cover with a cloth and press each area for about 15 seconds, without pressing the iron too hard.

Allow the piece to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.  To reposition simply reapply heat to release and move. 

Upgraded Hemline Button Stands

The Hemline Button stands have received a face lift with several new lines added, from basic buttons to novelty, precious stones to toggles there is a button for every application.

Our button box display is a revolutionary display system containing the exclusive resealable flip-top-box.  

The range contains 600 sku’s while taking up only a small portion of valuable floor space through its rotating pedestal design.

Ask your sales representative to view this extensive button range today.
Here is a snapshot of some of the new lines: 

An Array of Cushion Inners

With this range of cushion inners, there are an array of cushion options available.  Simply choose your fabric and you can create your new cushions in no time.

Cushions are one of the easiest ways to change the feeling of a room, and if you have some fabric and a sewing machine, they are a super fast afternoon project. 

These cushion inners include a polyester fibre, with a polypropylene cover.  As an added benefit they include a zip for adding or removing stuffing if required.   

Best Press... Actually Makes Ironing More Enjoyable

Mary Ellen’s Best Press is a clear, crisp spray starch with a lovely scent that actually makes ironing more enjoyable. 

No more mixing starch with water or environmentally-unfriendly aerosol cans that get clogged. ‘Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative’ is a clear and fragrant miracle starch that doesn’t clog, flake, or leave a residue - even on dark fabrics. 

A special stain shield protects fabrics, and the product helps resist wrinkles. Best of all, it’s more effective than any starch you’ve ever used. Try Best Press today- you will never go back to ironing with spray starch!

Also the clear, non-aerosol spray bottle lets you see how much is left.

Machine Bags - a Great Gift idea

Treat the sewer, quilter or designer in your life to a Tutto Machine Bag.

The Tutto patented luggage design is sturdy, light, foldable and 4-wheel based for superb stability. Tutto Machine on Wheels are great for transporting your machine to classes, retreats, trade shows and when travelling. The Tutto 2XL and XL series are designed for road/vehicle transporting. 

The large bags have an extra wide opening so they are easier to load and ideal for people who are travelling by car or attend classes.

The Embroidery bag holds an embroidery unit, hoops, fabric, computer supplies and has multiple pockets for sewing notions.
>> Click here for the model size chart.

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