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KnitPro's New Zing Needles

Knit Pro’s new Zing light metal needles are available in a spectrum of bright, lively colours.
With lustrous metallic shades, specific to different sizes, beautiful silver tips, and a perfect finish.  These needles are sure to become the style statement for every discerning knitter. 

Single Point Needles
25cm KHP47231 - 47243
30cm KHP47261 - 47273 
35cm KHP47291 - 47303  
Sizes: 2.00mm --6.00mm 
Double Point Needles
15cm KHN47001 - 47013
20cm KHN47031 - 47043

Sizes: 2.00mm --6.00mm 
Ask your Sales Representative for Pricing
Available on Indent Only
Single Point Needle Sets
25cm KHP47405
30cm KHP47406
35cm KHP47407
8 pairs of needles per set 
Double Point Needle Sets
15cm KHN47401
20cm KHN47402 

15cm contains 5 needle sizes
20cm contains 6 needle sizes
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